Halloween Cocktails

Halloween Cocktails

So it is Halloween already… idk this year seems like it has lasted a total of 5 years but also seems like it has lasted a total of 5 days. Not too sure how that mentally is possible to feel that way, but somehow managing to feel that way. Below I’m rounding up some of my favorite Halloween cocktails, because I mean… get festive. Even if you’re not a huge costume person, scary movie person, creepy eerie zombie person (I am raising my hand to all three of those), that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time on Halloween!

The first cocktail is a concoction of my own. A few of my ~friends inspired this name with their love for taking tequila shots (and jaeger bombs, but we won’t get into those details)… we often times call them “tequiller” shots. When trying to think of a Halloween cocktail of my own, I thought… duh I need to name it something tequiller. Then, the Blood Orange Tequiller cocktail was born. The perfect amount of gory.. and by perfect amount there’s truly nothing gory about this other than the words “blood” and “kill” being pronounced in the name. Here’s what you’ll need to make this Blood Orange Tequiller Cocktail

crushed ice

1 shot tequila

juice of 1/2-1 blood orange

1/2 c. pomegranate juice

club soda to top

In a cocktail shaker, mix all the ingredients and then serve! The perfect halloween draaaaank.

Next are some cocktails I’ve found from around the web that are also super cool and fun. Enjoy!

The Witch’s Heart Cocktail by The Flavor Bender

Smoking Blackberry and Sage Margarita

Hallo-wine Sangria by The Seasoned Mom

Purple People Eater by Homemade Hooplah

Hope everyone’s Halloween is ~spooky!

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