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Hey hey! Welcome to Bits + Bites.

I’m Katie Kelly, the face behind all this madness.

Currently,  I’m a 23 year old financial analyst by day, and cooker/baker/blogger by night living on the northside of Chicago. I’m a coffee, sweets and all things Italian food addict, seriously. In attempts to balance my sweets and Italian food addiction, you will find various types of recipes. Life should be a healthy balance, and my recipes reflect that.

A little more about me, when I was little, I wanted to be a combination of a cupcake baker, a smoothie shop owner and a florist. I didn’t go through phases, I literally wanted to be all three of those things. At the same time. This blog is the perfect outlet for me to explore two of the three dream careers I wanted. Plus, I love to cook, and share stories. I could truly talk to a brick wall if I needed to.

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Growing up, food was very prominent in our family home. My dad is a phenomenal cook, taught my mom the tricks of the trade, and I picked up whatever I was able to. One thing I’ve learned is you can never have too many heads of garlic in the spice cabinet. I have no formal culinary training, everything I’ve learned is what I’ve learned through family and through my own trial and error.

If you choose to re-create one of my recipes, feel free to contact me. If you post a picture of it on social media, use the hashtag #bitsandbites.

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