Winter Skin & Hair Care Favorites

Winter Skin & Hair Care Favorites

I have exceptionally sensitive skin. Like “wear ‘sensitive solution’ earrings” sensitive, or “get dry skin in the dog days of summer” sensitive. So, winter is particularly a difficult time for my skin. Even if you don’t have that sensitive of skin, it can still get pretty dry in the winter. That is why today I am sharing with you some of my favorite products I use during the winter-time to avoid dried out hair and skin.

Skin & Hair Care Favorites!
Skin & Hair Care Favorites!

EOS Lip Balm

I know, I know there have been some articles on the internet about individual’s breaking out around their lips from using EOS lip balms. I have been using EOS for years, and I have yet to have that happen to me. I love their lip balms! It is definitely a combination of the fun, round shape they are as well as the fact that they are mostly organic.

CVS Daily Moisturizing Lotion

I keep this in any purse I am carrying. In the winter, your hands can take a beating. I never ever leave without this & EOS lip balm in my purse. This is the generic brand of Aveeno’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion with Colloidal Oatmeal. The CVS brand works perfectly fine for me. Either brand (generic or Aveeno) this is a great everyday lotion. Plus, I like the fact that it is fragrant free. Personally, if I am constantly putting lotion on my hands, I would rather it not smell. I would get sick of the smell so quickly.


I use honey for a multitude of reasons. I use it in tea or hot water when I have  sore throat, I use it with cinnamon and tea tree oil for an all over face mask, and I use it combined with tea tree oil for spot treatment. I had some bad skin back in the day (still have my occasional breakouts too, weren’t those supposed to end by 22?), and I found no success with any spot treatment you could buy in the store. Finally, the past couple of years I started using honey for spot treatments. It worked pretty well, but then over the summer I combined it with my tea tree oil. It. Was. A. Miracle. The combination works like a charm. I took my mixture, and with a Q-Tip, applied it to the trouble spot, put a band aid over it, went to bed, woke up the next morning and it was nearly gone. I repeated those steps again the next night just to be sure, and in 48 hours it was completely gone.

Tea Tree Oil

Other than the spiel you all read about my honey and tea tree oil miracle mixture, I also use tea tree oil as an overall toner. After I wash my face, I put some tea tree oil on a cotton swab and rub it on my face. The smell is potent, so that is why I wash my face and apply the tea tree oil at night.

Cocoa Butter

I love using cocoa butter as an all-over body moisturizer. I feel as though it really does moisturize my skin, and it doesn’t rub off onto my clothes like some other lotions do. My legs (and by legs, I mean 80% of my body- I’m not exaggerating either), get suuuuuper dry in the winter, and cocoa butter has been a life saver. I put it on after I get out of the shower. My legs haven’t been nearly as dry as they have been in the past.

Coconut Oil

As many of you may know, I wash my face with coconut oil. Yes, I know, it seems absolutely ridiculous at first. Before I fully committed to washing my face with coconut oil, I did some research on it. Ultimately I found that the oil, whether it be coconut, olive, castor, it just needs to be organic, dissolves the “bad” oils aka the acne causing oils, and leaves the “good” oils on your face. Every winter, prior to washing my face with coconut oil, my face would be so dry. All the moisture just completely sucked out of it. It was because I was constantly drying my face out using those harsh acne face washes and treatments. My face now is in much better condition all over, and I truly think it is from washing with coconut oil. The winter can also be brutal for your hair and that is why I try to *at least* every month, preferably ever two weeks, deep condition my hair with coconut oil. What I do is take a shower, shampoo and condition my hair as I normally would, once I’m out of the shower I’ll run a comb through it, take about 1/2 tbsp, and using my hands, rub it through my hair. Then I put my hair up in a scrunchie and go to sleep! The next morning I wake up, take a shower and let my hair sit under the shower for a few minutes, then shampoo and condition as normal. Your hair will thank you after deep conditioning it. My hair always feels amazing after.

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Beach Babe Sea Salt spray as a winter hair care favorite? Yup. Unlike hairspray, my hair isn’t left all static-y whenever I have this in. It is a texturizing spray, so it gives my curls/waves some dimension, it holds them for the night, yet it doesn’t dry them out. I’m not left having to go to the bathroom to pat some water onto my hair to control the static (or whatever trick you might use). I am warning you though, if you breathe in through your mouth while spraying this on your hair- you will get a mouth full of salt spray and it will taste gross and super salty. I’ve experienced it.

There you have it- these essentials are how I treat my skin and hair to the best of my ability through the harsh winters of the Midwest!

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