TwentySomething’s Guide To: Paris

TwentySomething’s Guide To: Paris

Here’s my preface to my Paris recap. I am so beyond happy I went to Paris, and got to see and experience everything. I am also so happy that we were only there for three days. Here’s everything you need for a successful 3 day trip to Paris!


eat French Toast at Coutume Cafe. Our waiter even gave us a little history lesson on the origin of French Toast (but also maybe that’s common knowledge and I very well had no idea?)

eat this French Onion Soup at the cutest little cafe La Jacobine.

eat brunch at Au Roi du Cafe… the brunch deal is AMAZING. 18 Euros for fresh squeezed orange juice, a coffee or tea, an appetizer of a french baguette with butter and jam, your choice between 3 entrees, a side of potatoes, coleslaw and salad, and then a pancake to end the meal. It was unreal.

eat croissants any chance you get. We got some delicious ones after our brunch at Au Roi du Cafe (because as if that brunch wasn’t enough food) at Lenotre Lecourbe.


eat chocolate and macaroons from Maison Georges Larnicol

eat crepes from a street cart and then feel like you have Nutella ALL over your face for the rest of the day

eat cheeseboards every. single. night. Not kidding you, you can get a great dinner (like this) for 15 euro. Throw a cheap bottle of wine in there (and maybe some advil for your killer headache the next morning, or just spend some more $$ on a bottle of wine) and you are SET.

eat that same cheeseboard (or switch it up and buy some different cheeses), and drink that champagne under the Eiffel Tower while the sun sets. That leads me to my DO.


Do go to see the Eiffel Tower during the day and the night, and make SURE you go in the evening to watch the sun set behind it. All the photos below were taken in the exact same spot during our last night, we had a picnic with (personal) bottles of champagne, cheese, meats, spreads and french baguettes.

do see all the cliche tourist attractions like The Louvre, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, Champs de Elysees, etc.

Do wait in line to go inside Notre Dame, I absolutely despise lines, will not wait in lines for anything. They give me major anxiety so I just avoid the anxiety by not waiting in lines. BUT this line moved very fast and it was SO worth it. Inside the cathedral was SO PRETTY.


That’s all! Stay tuned for a Edinburgh + Dublin guide!

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