Turkey Burgers with Veggie Juice Pulp

Turkey Burgers with Veggie Juice Pulp

I came across the idea of juicing, and bought myself a juicer for my 22nd birthday about a month and a half back. After doing my fair share of reading, I felt guilty juicing all these fruits and veggies, and then just throwing the pulp away. So when I made my Vitamin C Green Juice, I decided to use my pulp and create some turkey burgers.

Some of you may be thinking “Uh, ew.” Let me be the first to tell you, these are actually very tasty. They do not taste like a nasty hodge podge of veggies and turkey. You get the actual turkey burger taste, and the veggies are just kinda there. No taste, but a ton of nutritional benefits.


Pulp from 3 Kale Leaves and 3 Carrots

1 lb Extra Lean Ground Turkey




**Be very, very, very clean and sterile when dealing with this raw turkey!!**

-Put your ground turkey in a bowl, sprinkle garlic and pepper on it (to your taste)


-Dump the kale and carrot (or whatever veggie pulp) in the bowl

There are carrots under there, I swear!
There are carrots under there, I swear!

-Use your hands to mash everything together


-Make patties about 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches wide


-Throw them on the grill, or whichever way you prefer to cook burgers, and cook until done


-Top with whatever toppings/condiments you like, and enjoy!

I topped mine with 1/2 an avocado and dipped it in Trader Joe’s Jalapeno Greek Yogurt Dip.


Have a great day!

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