Teriyaki Marinated Steak Wraps

Teriyaki Marinated Steak Wraps

Last night, my boyfriend and I decided to make dinner. We couldn’t figure out for the life of us what to make. Finally, we settled on marinated steak wraps with grilled peppers and onions, brie and goat cheese (I chose brie he chose goat) all wrapped in lettuce or tortilla shells. So here’s what you need for this suuuuper easy meal.

Seriously it was a really simple meal to cook!

I bought two packed of steak strips, already pre cut. However, a skirt or flank steak would work well too. You just need to tenderize the steak so it is very thin and easy to slice and compile into wraps


I marinated the steaks in a Teriyaki, Soy Sauce, Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar mixture along with some Oregano, Garlic and Pepper.


I just cut the peppers and onions and threw them right on the grill. Normally, I like to marinade both my meat and my veggies for hours beforehand. However, seeing as though I got home from the store at 5:30, I was starrrrving and wanted to get cooking ASAP. Buttt because the steaks were so tiny, they would cook very quickly- quicker than the peppers and onion. So I did have a chance to marinate the steak for a little bit.

Then I threw on the steaks and the meal was ready in roughly 5 minutes! Those little steak strips did cook really really fast,  so you do have to keep an eye on them.


Steak- the quanitity depends on how much you want to make, who you’re feeding, etc. Just be sure to get a thin steak!

1 Green Pepper

1 Red Pepper

1/3 Sweet Onion


Cheese of choice- like I said, I used brie cheese and my boyfriend used goat cheese. We were both very pleased with how they tasted.

For the Marinate

2 tbsp Teriyaki

1/4 c. Soy Sauce

1/4 c. Olive Oil

2 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar

Salt, Pepper, Garlic, and Oregano to taste


-In a container, flat enough to hold the steaks but “bowl” enough to hold a marinade (See pic above), put together the marinade, and then put the steaks in there. Poke holes in the steaks to ensure that the marinade is able to soak into it.

-Cut up your peppers and onion. Sprinkle them with some salt, garlic, and pepper. Then throw them on the grill. At my house we have a “pan” that is made for grilling veggies, shrimps, etc. on the grill. I suggest investing in one if you grill often. They are very useful.

-After putting the peppers and onions on the grill, prep whatever you want to wrap your wraps in. Whether it be cutting pieces of lettuce or getting tortillas out to warm them up. Now’s the time to prep because once you put those steaks on your meal is going to be ready in under 5 min.

-Once your peppers and onions are about half way cooked (see picture- some blackening starting, yet they are still somewhat hard/raw), put the steaks on the grill. IMG_0579

-Keep the steaks on for roughly 5 minutes, then take everything off the grill.

-Now, you’re ready to eat! Grab a drink, grab a seat, and enjoy your meal!

I must say I was pleasently surprised with how well the brie cheese paired with this. I have only had brie cheese with sweet things, such as strawberries and basil. The taste reminded me somewhat of blue cheese- how you have that tartness and yet with brie it melts right into the wrap so it adds a creamy cheesy texture. My boyfriend said he “thought the goat cheese was good in the steak wrap”– very descriptive, I know. Either way, we recommend either cheeses! I also do have a recipe for homemade pesto, but due to the time crunch I used the store bought stuff we have in our fridge. But if you can make it with homemade pesto, I will post my recipe and use that! Always go homemade instead of store bought.

This was mine, with the Brie Cheese. There was more underneath all the peppers that melted right in there. It was great!
This is the goat cheese wrap with tortilla shells.

Hope you all have a great Saturday!

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