S’Mores Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

S’Mores Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich


Today is National S’Mores Day, so naturally, I’m a sucker for basically any and all national holiday… and I made these s’mores chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches to celebrate. They are so freaking good, and actually so easy to make because I kinda took an easy route to make these. AKA I used bakery bought cookies and I bought ice cream. There’s real no culinary skills needed for these, just a massive appetite and appreciation for all thing s’mores.

For the cookies, all you need to do is buy your favorite bakery cookies, melt some milk chocolate, crush some graham crackers, dip the cookies in the chocolate and sprinkle the graham cracker allll on there. You could honestly just eat these cookies themselves… but WHY would we stop there?

I took the oven roasting route when it comes to the marshmallows, and that worked out well. I mayyyyyyybe roasted mine a little too much, but maybe not… roast to whatever roast-ness you want. Not 100% sure that made sense, but here is directions for roasting marshmallows in the oven.

It goes, cookie, ice cream, 2 marshmallows, another cookie….. and diiiiiiive right into the ice cream sandwich.


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