SkinnyPop + Wine Pairings

SkinnyPop + Wine Pairings

Award season is in full swing, all of the wonderful Shonda Rhimes’ Thursday night shows are back, This is Us has been back on, Netflix just got a whole slew of new shows come February plus announced much anticipated release dates for some original series, I mean I can go on….  Needless to say, TV/movies/streaming services they’re all pretty damn good right now.

For those who know me, especially my roommates, know that I am addicted to popcorn. I have it pretty much everyday. It’s definitely top 5 one of my favorite foods. Then, SkinnyPop sent me over this wine + popcorn pairing chart…….. talk about a complete life changer. Step aside wine and cheese nights (ok just kidding, I’m going to find a way to combine them both), but seriously this chart is everyyyyyythingggggg.


Some of my favorite combos are Chardonnay and Original, because you can NEVER go wrong with the Original SkinnyPop. Another favorite combo of mine is the jalapeno + pinot grigio, sea salt pepper + malbec and naturally sweet + banyuls.


What am I paring these pairings with? Well here’s a current list of all the shows, documentaries + movies I’ve been loving lately.

  1. Parenthood– I’m so hooked, plus I love Lauren Graham.
  2. Community– my roommates and I started this to all watch together. I’ve never seen this show, and they said they would re-watch it with me
  3. The OA– I actually binge watched all but the season finale yesterday…. I, like, don’t know if I want to be admitting this, but I am.
  4. Beware the Slenderman– my roommates and I stayed in on Saturday and watched this… then, I couldn’t really sleep. It was so creepy but so good, but also so sad. All the feels, I guess.
  5. This is Us– so beyond cheesy, but sometimes you just gotta have that token cheesy show in your life.

Side-note…. anyone else a little salty about House of Cards not being released til MAY?? Better be worth the wait. I mean, it like 1000000% probably will be.


Happy binging!

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