Restaurant Bites: Maison Marcel

Restaurant Bites: Maison Marcel

The north side of Chicago got a quaint new addition a few weeks ago. If you walk down Broadway you’ll see a white brick building, and you’ll look inside and see a fresh, crisp interior, and a Maison-Marcel sign. Youuuu should probably walk in and give it a try.

Caitlin from Sophisticaition and I were lucky enough to spend time with some of the masterminds behind this new establishment. One mastermind in particular is Avril Zayas, the interior designer. She has designed some of your favorite restaurants such as Ema, Beatrix and Summer House Santa Monica… Once I buy a house if she could just design my entire home that would be great.

We started off with some traditional french pastries, which were so good. Everything is made fresh and in-house. You even get a sneak peak into the bakery which is pretty cool, if I say so myself.

Next, we tried three of their dishes. They are now staying open all day from brunch til dinner time, too! On Wednesdays you get a complimentary glass of champagne with a menu item…. like yes, please.

We got the Watermelon Salad which was such a good combination of sweet and savory. You have cubes of watermelon tossed with feta cheese, spinach, pistachio, shaved fennel, celery, parsley, dates and black pepper vinaigrette. The pistachios and dates were the best addition to this salad, in my opinion. Plus, the size of this salad is pretty large. I would say you could split it between 3 people, given that you’re ordering other things off the menu.

Next we had purple cauliflower grits that came with beets, turnips and had two poached eggs and pickled red onions on top. I’m a sucker for anything eggs and runny yolk… plus the purple cauliflower was so fun and a great change of pace. I also freaking love pickled things (pickles are top 5 favorite food of mine) and the pickled red onion was such a good topping. The flavor of the grits was super creamy and rich and then the tart of the pickled red onion was a perfect taste to go along with it.

For the third dish, we tried the burrata, because it’s burrata and I needed to get it. It did not disappoint. In all the dishes, everything tasted so fresh. You can tell when a place sources it’s ingredients from local farms and businesses. The heirloom tomatoes were so freaking good. Tomatoes at this time of the year… I can eat them like apples.

To finish off, we naturally finished with macaroons. We tried three. Green Tea, which had a matcha/vanilla-ey flavor, cookie dough (unreal) and the Maison Marcel signature macaroon (this was chocolate and passion fruit). I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite macaroon, and I need to go back to try more flavors. There were SO. MANY.

You can make reservations via Open Table (I freakin love Open Table) here! You can also follow along on their Facebook + Instagram


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