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Proxi, a restaurant review

Proxi, a restaurant review

I’m not superpicky, I don’t have some sophisticated taste buds, there’s rarely a meal I don’t like, but this meal I had at Proxi was unnnnnnnreal. Proxi opened just under a month ago in the West Loop, and I was lucky enough to have a friend include me on her dinner reservations there. Between three of us, we did damage on the menu, and it did not disappoint. Plus, at 23 (almost 24) years old I tried my first oyster. I didn’t get photos of exactly everything, so I’ll throw their social media links in here for ya.


I got the Hendricks which was a Spanish gin and tonic with cucumber and flower petals… almost too pretty to drink.

The shorter drink is an El-Otay margarita. This was made with a roasted corn tequila… sounds super strange, but in reality it’s super good. Then that pink drink is revive & recover which is made with pisco, lychee and lime. That lived up to it’s name… it was so refreshing.

Now, to dig into the menu. Proxi didn’t focus on a particular cuisine, you’ll see all types of ethnicities and flavors being brought out in each dish. They also focused on small plates, so there’s no real “appetizer” and “main course.” However, they have some dishes that are more expensive and could serve as a main course. The menu is separated into vegetable dishes, fish dishes and meat dishes.


We started out with the tempura elotes which was SO good. It didn’t come on the cob, so it was super easy to cut and share. 

Following the elotes, we ordered the shaved zucchini salad. That was shaved zucchini (not to be captain obvious, but to be captain obvious) with feta, pine nuts and mint…. it was so good. I need this in my life everyday.

Then to cap off the vegetable section of the menu we got the burratta… cause I mean, duh. That’s a no brainer. Of course, it was so friggin good.


I am totally not a fish person, I just started eating SHRIMP (yes, shrimp) like last February. I told myself I needed to grow up and start trying new things, so I started with fish, and now I eat a fair amount of fish. Sometimes it just is too much for me though. BUTTTTT, the fish dishes that I tried were not fishy and strange tasting at all, and full of flavor.

We started with the coal roasted oysters which was my first ever oyster… EVER. It was super good but also super full of so many flavors, so I’m not sure if I had an actual oyster experience? Readers, please advise.

Then, we ordered the coal roasted mussels…. which I didn’t get a picture of? I honestly don’t know why, but those were in a super light sauce (it wasn’t a cream sauce like some mussels come in.) Along with the mussels we had the cobia. I should say my friends had the cobia. I maxed out on my seafood intake, butttttt I did try the yellow curry sauce it came in and that was so good. The perfect combination of sweet and savory for a curry sauce. In addition to the cobia I didn’t try, my two friends got Fried Fish Collars that came with a spicy thai pepper sauce. Just the whole fried fish thing didn’t appeal to me, but they raved about it. So, if that’s your thing, go get on with your bad self and order that.


We ordered two dishes, and by this time the sun was down and the photos just weren’t turning out all that great. Thankfully you can find a photo of the black pepper pork here

The black pepper pork was so spicy, not too spicy if you like spicy food, and was set up in a “make your own lettuce wrap.” It came with some sliced veggies, sriracha, hoisen and cilantro. Get this, whatever you do, get this. The same goes for the Wagyu Sirloin. This was the most tender and delicious beef I have ever had. It came with veggies in a thai sauce and then a side of sticky rice.


We split the Pot de Creme and that was to die for. If I could have this for dessert everyday, I wouldn’t be mad about it.

Here’s where you can find Proxi’s social media





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