podcasts + productivity

podcasts + productivity

Whether I am at my desk, in my bed, in the kitchen, you will find me listening to something. More times than not, especially cooking in the kitchen, you can catch me listening to some of my favorite podcasts. I. Love. Podcasts.

Pretty much other than writing blog posts, I am listening to podcasts. Writing posts you can usually catch me listening to my “chill” playlist, aka a lot of Mumford & Sons, The Head and The Heart, Beck, The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men, Wilco, etc.

So, below you will find a list of my personal favorite podcasts!

My Favorite Murder- Karen Kilgariff + Georgia Hardstark

100000% hands down my favorite podcast. Honestly, where do I begin about this podcast? All things true crime, murder, and two hilarious women discussing them. You will catch me legitimately laughing out loud to this podcast. There is too much good to be said about this podcast. If you like true crime and hilarious human beings, go listen.

Left Podcast on the Left – Ben Kissel, Henry Zebrowski + Marcus Parks

Keeping with the true crime and all other spooky topics, I love Last Podcast on the Left. Henry Zebrowski is a master at impressions and voices, and all three of the guys are hysterical together. You will also catch me laughing out loud to this podcast. Not to mention, the research and effort that goes into this podcast is unreal. I listened to their 3 episode series on Columbine after I read Dave Cullen’s book. It was unreal.

NPR Politics

I love Sam Sanders’ + the team’s weekly roundups. Plus, they do other episodes on specific topics. Aside from reading articles and trying to do my best to stay up to date with all that is happening, the weekly roundup, I find, is a really nice summary and an “in case you missed it” type thing. As for the other episodes, it gives interesting takes on all the craziness in the world.

NPR How I Built This

I could listen to all of these stories again and again and again. All the various scenarios and situations that these entrepreneurs went through are so interesting. Not to mention, they are so inspiring. I think it is nice to listen to the stories of the person or people behind some of your favorite brands  + ideas.

NPR Fresh Air

I like this podcast, because there are so many episodes for me to choose from. For all of the above podcasts, I’m 100% caught up. I like fresh air when I want to listen to a podcast, and I can pick what guest or what topic I want to listen to.

Happy podcasting!

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