Nutella Cafe Review

Nutella Cafe Review

Last week, I went over with Caitlin Patton from Sophisticaition to go and try some dishes from the new Nutella Cafe in Chicago that’s opening up today!!!! No, not everything has Nutella on it, and yes, it is so good.

When you think of Nutella Cafe, you think literally everything is dunked in like gallons of Nutella, right? Like, I can’t be the only human who thought that. Well, wrong. They actually have savory options, that are just as good as the Nutella covered sweet menu items.

We got to sample three salads, a panini, and then below, this Greek yogurt (with basil, berries, shortbread crutons, Nutella and hazelnuts… I LOVED this), and this waffle with an apple compote and Nutella drizzle.

I got a coffee too to go with all this goodness, and even their coffee was good that I just drank it black. If you want more information on the Nutella Cafe here are some links below!

Nutella Cafe Facebook Page

Inside America’s First Nutella Cafe Chicago

So make plans to head over to this cafe ASAP. I don’t forsee lines dying down for a while, especially with all the hype (well-deserved) it has been receiving. I will for sure be making my way back over there to try more of the menu items they have to offer.

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