Life Bits Cornelia Edition

It has been a hoooooooooooooooot second since I have posted anything, and nope, I do not have a recipe or anything for you all. Just a post dedicated to my first year of living in the city with three of the best girls I could ask for.

All four of us randomly came together in 2015, senior year of college, and became friends. Liz and I grew up in Tinley together and were somewhat friends senior year of high school. Nora and Bridget just kind of wandered into my life, luckily. Our friendship was solidified when Nora invited me to crash her’s and Bridget’s senior year spring break trip to Ireland and England. I said yes, and am forever grateful I did.

We graduated college, and all still kept in touch. Hanging out every couple of months or so. Come February 2016, I won a gift card to Hyatt Hotels. Us 4 hadn’t hung out in so long, I group texted them to pick a weekend, I’ll book the room and let’s have a night in the city. So we did, and all four of us will tell you that that night was one of the best nights. We all decided to live together, and we were excited for the next year, but I don’t think anyone expected how amazing it would be.

We moved in during the Cubs 2016 opening week. Our first night we went to a Cubs game, naturally. Our spring, summer and fall was consumed by Cubs’ games, too much beer and such a poor sleep schedule. Then, when the Cubs won, that was absolutely insane.

Cornelia was more than just Cubs games, we were a hotel on the weekends, a public pool on the hot summer Saturdays (seriously we had a blow up “party pool”), we were where everyone gathered before and after going out. So many good times were had standing around the kitchen counter and at the bar. So many Saturday and Sunday mornings spent with us four gathering in my bed, eventually with it ending in all of us getting kicked out so Nora could nap in my bed. So many times having my door kicked open to have a roommate jump in my bed (if you can’t tell my bed was the “gathering” bed). So much time spent taking turns doing makeup in my bedroom mirror, since I had the best lighting. So many bowls of popcorn paired with documentaries or episodes of The Office, Parks and Rec and Community. So much time spent yelling at Alexa (Amazon Echo) when she couldn’t understand what we were saying. So many bags of Jewel’s tortilla chips paired with Jewel guac and salsa. I could go on, and on.

Coming in as Katie, Liz, Bridget and Nora, and leaving as CT, Leesey, Budgey, and Noreen… this year was hands down one of the best years. Here’s to you, Cornelia.

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