Irish Cocktails Guide

Irish Cocktails Guide

Let’s not forget that aaaaaaaactual St. Patrick’s Day is Friday, and wasn’t actually this past weekend. So, buck up, and get ready for round 2 of celebrations. What better way to get into the celebrating mood than a list of Irish cocktails? If that isn’t music to your ears… I think you’re in the wrong place.

  1. Irish Coffee— because this is such a staple, and when you think waking up on St. Patrick’s Day (or a day of celebrations) you think starting off your day with some Irish coffee.
  2. Irish Mule— this is what I made the other week, and was inspired by Meghan from Fox and Briar. I love Moscow Mules, and I love putting twists on them (peep my white wine moscow mules here!) 
  3. Irish Mojito— let’s keep with the mint theme, as I show you this Irish Mojito. How good does this sound??? 
  4. The Irish Maid— this drink, similar to the mojito and mule, sounds so refreshing. Let’s drink this and forget that there’s a massive snow storm making it’s way through the US.
  5. Bailey’s Shamrock Shake— YOU. GUYS. I mean the name alone…. do I need to say anything else?

Looking for a way to make that Bailey’s Shamrock Shake a liiiiiiiittle bit more low cal? Replace the ice cream with Mint Chip Halo Top… if you haven’t tried Halo Top already, I highly suggest it.

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