Homemade Sugarless Grape Jelly

Homemade Sugarless Grape Jelly

Ok, yes, I was supposed to post the Chicken Taco Soup recipe today- buttttt I wanna get you guys the best pictures to show you how yummy it is. The pictures are still in the process of being taken and whatnot. So you will see that recipe up in the next couple of days!

When you see a recipe with the words “sugarless” in it you either think “uck yew gross, why don’t people eat sugar? Just make something with sugar for once” orrrr they think “Yay! Something sugarless!” orrrrrr they are somewhere in between, like myself. I do love the idea of sugarless. For majority of things I bake, I use the Truvia Baking Blend. For coffee or general sweetners I use Stevia, an all natural no calorie sweetner. When I came across this sugarless jelly recipe on Pinterest, I was a bit worried. I had never made homemade jelly before, and the recipe seemed too simple. I was wondering if it was too good to be true. Let me tell you, it isn’t. This jelly is so so good. Plussssssssssss grapes are in season! Stock up and make some jelly!

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2 c. Grapes

2 tbsp. Organic Chia Seeds

1 tbsp. Honey

**You can use more honey if you want a little more sweet to it… but to be honest, the grapes I bought were so sweet themselves- 1 tbsp was all I needed!


-Put all the ingredients into either 1. Tupperware to hand blend them together or 2. A blender to actually blend them together

-Pour into a jar such as a mason jar, or clean out an old jelly jar (that’s what I did). You want to make sure that the jar is air tight so the jelly can rest

-Let the jelly settle for 24 hours. I say this because the chia seeds need time to absorb the liquid to make that jelly texture. It is the same idea behind making chia seed pudding- you have to let the chia seeds sit in the milk in order for them to form that pudding texture

-Spread it on some toast, english muffin, or however you use your jelly. Enjoy!

As you see there is a difference in color between the jarred jelly and the jelly on my toast. This is not due to bad lighting- the jelly actually turned into a purple-ish color!

IMG_0896FullSizeRender (2)

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