Friday’s Favorites: Mules + Slip Ons

Friday’s Favorites: Mules + Slip Ons

I LOVE the slip on shoes trend. I say I love it so much since I’m so tall, and my legs are roughly 99% of my body (not an exact measurement, just estimating), so I don’t have to bend down to put shoes on… slip on some cute shoes and I am ready to go. Call it a genius trend, or call it lazy, I prefer to call it genius. For today’s Friday’s Favorites, I am bringing you all my favorite mules + slip on shoes from ASOS. That’s where I got my first pair of slip ons from this past spring. I love them so much. They were around $35, and I have for sure gotten a great use out of them.

I got the mules I’m wearing in the photo above from Gap. They do not have them anymore, sadly. I’ve looked up some from ASOS that resemble these.

Dune Blush Velvet Heeled Mules


For some close toe options, and non-heel options, these are the my favorites I found.


ASOS MONA Flat Mules

Vagabond Katlin Embroidered Faux Fur Lined Mules

So, per usual, if you weren’t already distracted from your taunting Friday to-do list, here’s another welcome distraction. These shoes are perfect for the transition from summer (which I think Chicago is in?) to fall weather, and perfect to transition from wearing to the office during the day and then right out for drinks with friends after work. You have got to love a good double purpose buy. I think I just made that phrase up? Idk, happy Friday and happy shopping!

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