Friday’s Favorites: Friendsgiving + Thanksgiving Recipes

Friday’s Favorites: Friendsgiving + Thanksgiving Recipes

Last minute planners rejoice. I have a last minute guide to all things friends and thanksgiving. From affordable yet fancy looking table settings to super easy recipes to whip up to cocktails… cause what’s a holiday party without some amazing cocktails… I’ve got it all right here for you. It’s basically like Christmas came early.

Starting with the table. For a family Thanksgiving, you may not be the one setting the table, but for friendsgiving you very well may be the one setting the table. When you think about hosting a friendsgiving…

1. do you even have enough plates in your apartment? Chances are probably not.

2. do you even have a dishwasher? I didn’t have a dishwasher in my 1 bedroom apartment over the summer…………… it was not an ideal living situation for me.

3. even if you have a dishwasher, are you reallllllllllllly going to want to go into the kitchen and do all these dishes while your friends are socializing? Maybe it’s just me… but I wouldn’t.

So with that being said, I suggest going plastic everything. Then recycle all the used plates + utensils, cause you know, you gotta be environmentally friendly.

I got everything from Target. I bought gold plastic silverware, white plastic plates and then just plain napkins. I placed a leaf on every setting to make it more festive. Simple, affordable and it still looks nice. You could definitely spend more time on place settings, but for those of you who are too busy, throwing a leaf or something little on there does the trick.

The centerpiece is a runner, a wooden board that you can grab honestly anywhere. I got this at Home Goods about a year ago. They’re everywhere and in every size. I bought candles from Michael’s (they actually smell so good) and just threw in some fake foliage and pine cones around them. I’m going to be honest this took 5 minutes, so you can get a great centerpiece with all reusable items.

Now let’s get to the good stuff… drinks (then food, duh).


Pomegranate Bourbon Smash. There’s just something about drinking bourbon when it finally turns fall/winter that feels so right.

Cinnamon Apple Sangria. This makes for a great drink that you can put in a big drink pitcher and pre-make for your guests.

Pumpkin Apple Shandy. For all the beer drinkers out there, they can’t be ignored when it comes to festive Thanksgiving cocktails. This is also a super easy drink that you can make a mass amount of and have your guests serve themselves.


Baked Brie. I’ve been bringing this to Thanksgivings and family parties for a few years now. It is ALWAYS a hit. I’ve perfected (at least to my taste buds) a sweet yet savory baked brie. As much as home girl over here has a HUGE sweet tooth, I like my appetizers to be mainly savory. The pepper jelly adds the perfect savory and spicy kick.

Roasted Garlic + Bacon Spinach + Artichoke Dip. This dip is good for literally ANY event. Like if you feel like just vegging out and binge watching Netflix to holiday parties… anything, I’m telling ya.

Roasted Acorn Squash Salad. This could be considered an appetizer or a first course. Whatever your little heart desires. Either way, acorn squash is so easy to cut and even easier to cook. To make this like way beyond easy… you could dish out the extra $$$ to buy a pre-seeded pomegranate.


Parmesan Roasted Brussels Sprouts with a Blackberry Balsamic Reduction. Um, first off, I’m not even going to include a photo but… please excuse the photography on these. It was taken a year ago, but oh my god…. so terrible. But this recipe is TOO GOOD not to share. My roommates and I lived off these roasted brussels sprouts when we lived on Cornelia.

Honey Garlic Sriracha Roasted Carrots. The sweet and spicy on these carrots are crazy good. Even this photo is like so cringe worthy, but whatevaaa. How carrots can go so well both sweet and spicy is amazing. Am I the only one who thinks that? Probably. (A glimpse inside the 1,000,000,000,000 thoughts I have everyday)

Here are some other sides from other blogs that I totally looooove.

Slow Cooker Stuffing from How Sweet Eats… because WHAT is a Thanksgiving dinner without stuffing?

Spicy Garlic Green Beans from What’s Gaby Cooking

The Most Perfect Mashed Potatoes from The Little Kitchen

Aaaaaaaand for the main course- I have ZERO clue how to roast a turkey, so here’s an article. Or you could pick up a rotiss chick!


Here are 10 pies that are a must make for Thanksgiving from A Cozy Kitchen! Because I have not made any Thanksgiving dessert recipes… I’m not going to say I’m upset with myself. I’ll say I’m disappointed.


Cheers to the kick off of the holiday season, and that your pants waistband lasts through Thanksgiving dinner!


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