Friday’s Favorites: Fall Jackets

Friday’s Favorites: Fall Jackets

It’s finally fall, and I can finally break out my favorite fall jackets. I got this long utility jacket from H&M last winter, and I wear it all the time. It’s not the warmest thing, but it’s perfect for going out, or the fall weather where it’s like kinda cold, but kinda not cold, so you don’t know what exactly to wear. I wear anything and everything under this jacket from t-shirts, to crop tops, to tank tops. Today’s Friday’s Favorites is dedicated to some of my favorite fall coat finds that I found this season. I kept it within the H&M family. So here are some of my favorite finds!

Utility Jacket in Camo- $39.99

I have to admit, I love the camo trend. I used to make fun of camo, but classic, I now find myself liking something I used to make jokes about.

Bomber Jacket in Khaki Green and Powder Pink- $34.99

Short Coat in Black- $34.99

Long Denim Jacket- $49.99

Denim Jacket with Embroidery $59.99

So as if you don’t already have that “ugh why am I still at the office I’m totally not in the mindset to do work” feeling, here’s some procrastination for you.

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