Friday’s Favorites: Skin Care

Friday’s Favorites: Skin Care

Ok, talking skin care today because I have some terrible skin and the past month and a half have been TERRIBLE. Now that it is kind of okay now, I am sharing some of my favorite natural skin products!

I used to think natural was not harsh enough for my skin, and then I started washing my face with coconut oil, using a natural toner, and I bought a natural face wash for when I go places. My skin is still not as great as I would like, but it is way better than what it was a few weeks ago. So, hey, I’ll take it.

First and foremost, I wash my face with coconut oil every night. It doubles as a makeup remover (for the few days I wear makeup), and it leaves my skin feeling amazing. But, if I’m going anywhere, I wash my face with Simple Kind to Skin Moisturizing Face Wash. If I wash my face with this, I be sure to follow up with the Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Lotion, after applying toner.


No matter what I wash my face with, I follow up with this Andalou Naturals Willow Bark Pure Toner. This toner, in my opinion, does the job, without being too harsh on my skin. I apply this toner in the morning and at night.

Next, face mask talk. I have three various types of face masks at the moment. I use the Pure Body Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask twice a week to detox my skin. Normally those two days are Sunday and Thursday nights. Detox from the weekend, and then detox to get ready for the weekend.

Next, I use this Rosy Cheeks mask from Lush that I LOVE. I know it says to soothe and soften your cheeks, but I have issues with redness on my cheeks, my T-Zone and my chin… so long story short, I use this as an entire face mask. I highly recommend this Lush face mask. It hardens, and when you rinse it off you can tell it works. I like to follow up with the Bunny Moon mask after, because the Rosy Cheeks does leave my skin feeling a little dry.ย 

I love love love love to sleep in this Bunny Moon mask. It doesn’t get all over my pillows and I wake up and my skin is so even in tone, feels so moisturized and refreshed. Not going to lie, this is a new line of “jelly” masks from Lush and it took me a solid couple of times to finally come around to liking this face mask. At first I hated it, but now I am in looooove.

So at the moment, these are my favorite skin care items at the moment that I have found actually work and are more natural than your traditional face products! Go treat yourself, and give yourself an at home spa day– you deserve it.

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