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“Flat-Out” Pizza- a healthy pizza!

“Flat-Out” Pizza- a healthy pizza!

I cannot stress how easy and simple this pizza is. Not only that, it is completely customize-able. It can also be seen as a “healthier” version of a favorite classic, pizza. My roommate used to make this often in college, and I kid you not- it takes 10 minutes to make. Flat-Out offers a ton of various products that can be used in so many different ways. Check out the link here to explore the products, and check out this link here to learn more about the company (plus a ton more recipes!) I recently purchased the Multi-Grain with Flax wraps from the store. I have made a few wraps out of them for lunch, but I wanted to try to make a pizza with it. I just did a basic, cheese pizza. However, I am dying to get creative. I mean, look at Flat Out’s page….. so many freakin’ recipes! They all look so good too!

I used just regular pizza sauce for the sauce, but you can use your favorite red sauce, tomato paste, whatever you choose! For the cheese I used a mixture of shredded cheese (because I had a little of both kinds left)- I used a pizza blend and a Low-Fat Mozz. I baked it for 6 minutes, let it cool, and I had myself a personal pizza pie. I baked it on a cookie sheet, but my mom suggested next time to bake it on a pizza stone (since we have a few). I will try that and let you all know how that goes!

Below you can find a picture, featuring my little brother Tommy, and a printable recipe for this super easy, simple pizza. You don’t have to break the calorie bank to enjoy your favorite foods and this recipe further proves that!






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