Favorite Spring Sneakers

Favorite Spring Sneakers

Talk about a total tease with this weather. It was in the high 60s all week, and then going to be 34 on Saturday. Hopefully the colder weather only sticks around for a little while longer seeing as though it’s going to be MARCH next week. What the heck. I talk about New Years Eve as if it just happened last week. HOW is it MARCH. I can’t wrap my head around it. Then again, I’m so tired, haven’t had enough coffee, because a Venti Blonde Roast just didn’t do it this morning… cause that’s a totally healthy and normal caffeine tolerance. Thinking and words are just hard today. Butttttt, this does mean that we can start shopping for spring clothes and shoes! That’s why I’m giving you all my favorite spring sneakers.

These are all my favorite spring sneakers I’ve found from Steve Madden and Target (my two usual go-tos for shoes). My new pair of sneakers are Steve Madden, and just wait… I got them at the Outlet Store in Aurora……. for…. $20. Legit a steal. Maybe the best steal?

I can’t get enough of them, I’m so obsessed. Here are some more of my favorite spring sneakers and where you can go to buy them for yourself!


You can buy…

ECENTRCQ here (or on sale at Nordstrom here)


 LANCER here

LINNY here. (ps… Linny is currently on sale)


You can buy…

dv Rose here

Reese here

dv Theresa here

Ramsi here

Mad Love Maren here

Happy spring shoe shopping!

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