East Coast Travels

East Coast Travels

I’m back from a week long east coast vacation. From NYC to Baltimore to D.C., many sites were seen, but even more food was eaten. Seriously, I had some great meals. Below are some of my favorite meals and moments (sorry for those meals that don’t have photos to go along with it)


  1. Tompkins Square Bagels— best lox bagel I have ever had.
  2. Monte’s— Any Italian place that is a tiny space and you can barely understand the wait staff, that’s when you know you found a legit Italian place. And that we did. The pasta was some of the best pasta I’ve ever had, and literally just melted in your mouth. Classic, I don’t have a photo of this meal. My phone was dead at this point and I didn’t bring my camera with me because we were going to a show at the Comedy Cellar, so I packed light. I got Pumpkin Ravioli in a butter and sage sauce. If you are in NYC, you NEED to go to this place.
  3. Comedy Cellar– You pay $14 for cover and minimum of 2 items off the menu. You are in this tiny cellar/basement/restaurant and we ended up being first row. Next thing we know, Aziz Ansari is announced and comes on stage. Like 3 feet from him, and he was hysterical. But don’t let that cast a shadow on the great line up. They had Nick Griffin, Joe Machi, Michelle Wolf, and Mo Amer.


NYC, I’ll be back.



  1. Stuggy’s— I got a crab mac hot dog, because I mean, east coast, you have to. This was a tiny tiny place where you walk in, the counter is right there, and then there’s about 5 stools to sit on and eat your hot dog. However, you are also right by the water, so you can take that and bring it down to there if you want.


Washington D.C. (I literally have no photos of my food I ate here………)

  1. Tortilla Coast— Right in Capitol Hill, this place was so good. I got the Fajita Salad, not to be healthy but because those are one of my favorite dishes, ever.
  2. Ted’s Bulletin— Ok, talk about freakin’ cute. This place was old time-y, and just adorable. They also have homemade pop-tarts, so I had to get one of those. I didn’t order, but I did try a sip of someone’s Bloody Mary, and it was legit.
  3. Old Ebbitt’s Grill— because this is just a must when in D.C….


Shout out to my college roommate of 4 years, Colleen, for traveling the East Coast with me. 5 years later, both of us still aren’t sure how I deal with you or how you deal with me.



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