Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies

Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies

Conversation Hearts are a staple for Valentine’s Day…. buttttttt, I’m personally not a fan. I mean if there was a bowl of them sitting in front of me would I eat some (or all depending on the day)? Probably. If I had a choice to have a bowl of them in front of me, I would say no thanks. If I had a choice to have a bowl of these super yummy sugar cookie conversation hearts in front of me though…. I would obviously say yes! I’m not being biased at all.

I didn’t create this sugar cookie or royal icing recipe, but they are so good. I was reading that a sugar cookie recipe needs to be very particular when making cut outs, so I didn’t want to mess with that. As for the royal icing, I just had no clue what to do for it, so I followed a recipe.


The royal icing recipe made more than enough for how many cookies this batch of dough made. I actually threw out some frosting. For filling or flooding the royal icing- play around with what works for you. I started off with a tooth pick, then tried just squeezing it and flooding it, and finally I ended up spreading it with a knife. That worked best for me, you can google “royal icing flooding techniques” and find what works best for you.


I googled “Conversation Heart Phrases” and played around with them. I also channeled my inner Beyonce, cause why wouldn’t you when given the chance?

Sorry if you now have “XO” stuck in your head…. it has been in my head for hours.

Here is the recipe for the sugar cookies

aaaaaand here is the recipe for the royal icing!


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