Cherry Berry Cocktails

Cherry Berry Cocktails

I’ve been a die-hard White Sox fan growing up. Like, when I was in the 4th grade, my parents got our family tickets to a Cubs game. I refused to go and made them find me a babysitter. Fast forward 13 years, I find myself living in nearly the heart of Wrigleyville, shopping for a Chicago Cubs shirt and making Cubs’ themed drinks. My 4th grade self may be a bit disappointed with my current self, but hey, things change. My one brother, Brian, is a tad offended. He told me that me moving to the north side is “just an address change, not an identity change.”… sorry, Bri-Guy.

With the Cubs bringing the World Series home this weekend, I figured what better way to kick it off than with some Cubbie themed cocktails. My whole plan was to make these super cute “W” flag straws, then I made them, then they looked so terrible. Sooooo that idea got scratched real quick.

Cherry Berry Cocktail

Trying to keep the cals low, I used Sparkling Ice Sparkling Water. No calories,  but it is red. Plus the blueberries, cause I mean you have to have red and blue.

cherry berry cocktail

This drink is super simple, and if you want to add mint… that would be a realllllllllly good addition. This drink is simple, muddle your blueberries and mint, add ice, pour 1-2 shots vodka, top with some of your cherry sparkling water. Voila, you’ve got yourself a Cubbie’s Cocktail. 


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