book bits | january edition

book bits | january edition

January seemed as though it was the longest month, yet went by so quick. Maybe I’m also just saying that because I only read two books throughout January, and that is very unlike me. I was, however, all over Netflix and watched hours upon hours of various shows on there.

The first book of 2017 that I read was My Name Is Lucy Barton: A Novel. My mom and I shared my kindle account for a month or so, and we alternated what books we were each reading. This book is about a daughter who left her rural home and unfortunate life in Illinois to go live in New York. She gets hospitalized and her mom stays with her. When talking to my mom about it, I told my mom she would probably like it. I said “cause, you know, you’re like a mom. so you like those mom-ish things” Lone behold, she did really really like it. So, for any mother’s out there– I think this book is just for you.

The second book, that I just finished, was Trevor Noah’s book Born a Crime. This one was SO interesting. His story, from growing up in South Africa in the apartheid, to his relationship with his mom and how women are viewed in the South African culture, to so much more (I don’t want to give much away), his story is unbelievable. Occasionally, I catch myself getting bored at biographies. This particular book, I never got bored. It is insane to me that he is only 32 and already has the experiences and stories to tell that he does.

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