Book Bites: November Edition

This November consisted of a few good reads. It started with Cupcake Browns memoir titled “A Piece of Cake.” You will honest to god not believe that this was her life. She went through so much. The book starts with a bang, and you will be immediately hooked. I recommended it to my mom, and she loved it too. I won’t even list off all of the topics it covers, I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for you. All I can say is read this book, seriously… read it.

Next, I decided to read two books on health and fitness. These were very interesting to say the least. “The 4 Hour Body” blew my mind. The author started off by saying that this book was a buffet. You didn’t have to read it from start to finish. If you had a particular goal in mind, or if a particular topic interested you- then you read about that topic. Which, I thoroughly enjoyed. I read the first half, and that was about all that interested me. He talks about when to take certain vitamins and supplements, what to do on a cheat day to ensure that you don’t set yourself behind. For anyone who is interested in health/fitness- this is an intriguing read. I haven’t read anything like it. My next health/fitness book was “Salt, Sugar, and Fat.” This was interesting, somewhat. It was published in 2013, and although T4HB was published three years earlier, I still felt as though many of the studies spoken about in this book were outdated. The reason why I was so much more into The 4 Hour Body is because I have never heard anything like it. Salt, Sugar and Fat, I have heard how companies manipulate their products to make us “addicted” and all that crazy “behind the scene” action. Regardless though, I would still recommend both of these health/fitness books to those people who are interested.

I attempted to read both To Kill a Mockingbird and A Spool of Blue Thread, but my loan expired before I had a chance to finish both. I have them both on hold so hopefully in my December Book Bites I will be able to tell you all what I think!

Here is a list, with Amazon links, of the books I listed above…

A Piece of Cake

The 4 Hour Body

Salt Sugar Fat

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