Au Natural Beauty Products & Routine

Since being a college grad, with a big girl job, I wanted to start taking better care of myself with all aspects of my life. Food, habits, makeup… just all over healthier.

I now wash my face with Coconut Oil every night. Yes, sounds crazy, right?! Well, it isn’t! I can assure you- my face feels amazing. I was never a “science” person, but I was reading somewhere that Coconut Oil, among many other oils you can use on your face, dissolve the bad oils but allow the good ones to stay on your face. My face usually by this time of year is already super dry, and my face has never felt better. So what do I do exactly to wash my face with Coconut Oil? I simply rub it on evenly. I soak a wash cloth is warm water, and then create a compress over my entire face. The steam/warmth does wonders, and after about 10 seconds or so- I use the wash cloth to rub all of the oil off my face. Plus, this is a makeup remover too!! So, bam! You’re face is super clean, and your makeup is off.

Once or twice a week- once always on Sunday nights. If I do exfoliate twice, it is usually on a Thursday or Friday night. I love doing Sunday so that way my face feels fresh for the upcoming week. To exfoliate, I splash my face a few times with warm water, then rub on about a quarter (maybe a tad bigger) size of my oil/sugar mixture. Then just as I do with washing my face- I create a compress with a warm wash cloth for 10 seconds or so, then rub the mixture off my face. Seriously, your face will feel freakin’ amazing.

As for those pesky zits, ugh yes I’m 22 and still get them, I use Tea Tree Oil. It honest to god is a liquid miracle. It makes your zit go away nearly overnight. Depending on the severity of course, but hey, let’s not get into disgusting details.

As for makeup, as certain things run out, I am starting to buy BareMinerals Products and Physican Formula Products. Currently, I purchased this color correcting kit. It is very light weight, and has good coverage. It doesn’t last more than 6 or 7 hours, but it is not cakey in the slightest. I do like it, but I do want to try a concealer/cover-up that stays on longer. As for BareMineral products, I bought their eyebrow pencil and their new “Double Domination” mascara. They are having a deal right now where you can get 1 regular size and 1 travel size for $18 (the price of a regular size)… I cannot say one bad thing about these two products. I absolutely adore them, and I am very picky with mascaras. I love the brush, and I love how it makes my lashes look.

Well, that’s all I have thus far with my new and improved au natural makeup/beauty routine! Do any of you have any concealers/coverups from natural/organic companies? I would love to hear recommendations!

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