Amy Howard at Home Furniture Restoration

Amy Howard at Home Furniture Restoration

I have had the pleasure of working with Amy Howard and her crew over at Amy Howard at Home. Amy Howard at Home offers products that make rescuing, restoring and redecorating furniture incredibly easy. I came across her products when I re-did my desk chair. I purchased her High Performance Furniture Lacquer. What I love most about her paint products is the fact that no sanding is required (for the Lacquer it is recommended that you lightly sand- but it is not required). I didn’t sand before using the lacquer, and I love how my chair turned out. Check out my chair in this Weekend Bites post.


After featuring the product, I e-mailed Amy Howard and her staff. They were so generous to send me more products to do more DIY projects! I had them send me their Furniture Tonic, One Step Paint, Clear Wax and a Brush. Although I didn’t originally think I needed wax for the One Step Paint, the crew thought it would be best to send it anyways. Thank god they did! I love the look with the wax over the paint.

First project I did involved the Furniture Tonic. I chose the furniture tonic because it revives old wood. My little brother has a dresser that was our 90 year old Great-Uncle’s Mom’s dresser. Did you follow that? Essentially this dresser is super old, has been passed down from generation to generation, and is still in great shape. The wood color of this dresser is beautiful, so I knew I did not want to paint this particular piece. Instead, once I found the Furniture Tonic, I knew that would be perfect. The wood simply needed some reviving, which is what the Furniture Tonic did. There were some nicks and scrapes in the stain of the wood- which maybe I should have done something about that… but nonetheless, the Furniture Tonic worked great. You can see in the photos below, it really did revive the old wood. It gave it new life.



The before!
The bottom two drawers have the furniture tonic and the top one doesn’t. You can really tell once the before and afters are compared just how much the tonic really does revive the wood.
The after!

I did use the One Step Paint to repaint my little brother’s desk. He had my old desk, which included a flower pattern on one of the drawers. I ended up doing three coats on the top wooden part of the desk and the drawer with the floral pattern. I left an entire day between the first and second coat, you only need to leave 30 minutes. I got distracted. A few hours after my third and final coat, the entire desk was dry. I applied the clear wax. Like I said, I am so thankful they sent it to me! It gives the desk a nice, yet protective finish. Tommy’s desk is now Metropolitan Grey and has no flower patterns!! Woohoo!




For anyone who is looking to re-do any piece of furniture in their home, I highly suggest looking into Amy Howard at Home. Especially if you’re redecorating anything wood- this will save you so much time by not having to sand everything down. Nobody wants to sand furniture for hours! A huge thanks to Amy Howard at Home for sending me these products, I’m so thankful and so glad we were able to collaborate!

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2 thoughts on “Amy Howard at Home Furniture Restoration”

  • I like how you restored this desk. It looks really great with a new coat of white paint on it. These drawers also look as good as new after you added a stain to it. After seeing how far paint and wood stain can go, I’m starting to consider doing that for some old furniture that I have in my house. Thanks for posting this!

    • You should!! I really loved the paint and how easy it was to give my furniture a whole new look! Let me know if you do redo some of your old furniture 🙂 Thank you for reading!

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