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What more appropriate for a first post than an introduction of myself. My name is Katie! I’m a Chicago native, 22, recent college grad, and just trying to find something that I love with my life. If I take the time to list off all of my favorite things, it would take you hours to read this post. A few of my favorite things are my family, my doggie Mak, exploring the outdoors, reading, traveling, working out, cooking, Red Velvet Cake, and Kings of Leon. With my last two favorite things comes the inspiration for the name Red Velvet Snow. My parents got me hooked on KOL and Red Velvet Cake. My parents have had a great deal of inspiration and influence on me- I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am the oldest sibling of 3, yet at 6 ft tall, I am also the shortest sibling of three. I come from mainly Irish decent, but I have a bit of Italian in me- maybe that’s where my dad and I get our love for cooking? Who knows exactly, all I know is that I can’t wait to share my inspired and original recipes and bites of my life with you!

Contact me at redvelvetsnowblog@gmail.com!


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